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PJL Candles is committed to spreading Peace, Joy, and Love through the power of home fragrance. Each product is hand crafted and packaged to provide you with a warm, uplifting experience.

Elevate Your Home With PJL

I love mine so much!! Even bae came around the corner and said "are you making cupcakes?"


Your candles are amazing!!!!! The scent is just right and it fills up the entire room! The spray (Garden Kisses) is the bomb! It smells so good and refreshing!


The 4:44 candle smells like a warm hug baby! I love how I could smell it before I got it out the packaging. I burn this candle all day everyday and it lasts me over a month!


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"I want the world to know that if I could come out of the
pandemic with a successful business that I was previously terrified to
start, you can do anything you put your mind to. 2020 was a hard
year for all of us, but I’m sure we all became well aware of how
unpredictable life can be. Create the life you dream of. Start the
hobby. Call that person. Design your life and lead with Peace, Joy, and